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Private holiday house

Private holiday home

Why rent a private holiday home?

The time has come: you are looking for a holiday destination and, of course, a holiday accommodation. If you have chosen Zeeland as your holiday destination, all you have to do is choose the perfect holiday home. But what should you choose? And why? In this article we give you more information about renting a private holiday home at Ruiterplaat Vakanties.

Private holiday home in Zeeland

Almost all holiday homes on holiday parks are owned by private owners. These are people who have purchased their holiday home to spend their own holiday, but also, for example, as an investment. Because the holiday home is owned by a person, the owners of private holiday homes are often very involved with the property. All holiday homes of Ruiterplaat Vakanties in Zeeland are owned by private owners, so we know better than anyone what great results this involvement brings with it!


Unless the rules of the park do not allow it, owners of private holiday homes put their own stamp on a home. This is clearly visible in all holiday homes of Ruiterplaat Vakanties. The nice thing about staying in such a holiday home is that every home is unique, even if the home is on the same holiday park as other holiday homes. This gives you the choice to choose a holiday accommodation that perfectly suits your needs, both in terms of interior design and facilities! This is especially visible at De Groote Duynen, where each Z'ANDvilla has a similar base, but because of the personal taste of owners there is a high diversity.


The disadvantage of renting a private holiday home is sometimes mentioned as the lack of professionalism, such as poor cleaning or a difficult booking process. Fortunately, these are points where Ruiterplaat Vakanties excels. In the high season, for example, we have a team of more than 50 (!) experienced cleaners running around at times, who ensure that every home is professionally cleaned. We also take the booking process off your hands: guests can easily book by phone, e-mail or via the internet. There are even employees ready to answer questions via chat and social media quickly and professionally. In this way we guarantee the personal approach you expect from a private holiday home, but also an extra step of service!

TIP: Would you like to save money for fun activities on your holiday? If you book directly through our website, you will automatically receive an extra discount!

Holiday Home in Zeeland

Of course we at Ruiterplaat Vakanties warmly recommend the rental of a private holiday home. Because of the personal approach of each owner, each house feels different, so that you can better find a perfectly fitting holiday home. In addition, Ruiterplaat Vakanties takes care of the other services, so that we can guarantee you an unforgettable holiday! Curious about the private holiday homes in Zeeland?