Ruiterplaat Vakanties
Holidays beach Zeeland

Special offers at Ruiterplaat Vakanties

NEW: luxury appartments with panoramic views over the Veerse Meer

New in the offer of Ruiterplaat Vakanties: the luxury appartments of the Veerse Wende. Situated at a unique location by the Veerse Meer. Book your luxury stay in a brand new appartment now with a 10% introductory discount.


Last-minute holiday in Zeeland

Are you looking forward to a spontaneous holiday by the sea? Have a look at our last-minute offers and book a holiday home at a unique location in Zeeland with a discount starting at 10%. The Banjaard beach and Veerse Meer are nearby for a lovely walk or fun activities.


Public holidays

Spend the holidays together with your family or friends in a holiday home in Zeeland. Book a holiday home with gas fire or a luxury holiday villa with private wellness. With the wide range of holiday homes in Zeeland, there is a favourite for everyone!

School holidays

Enjoy a well-deserved holiday in Zeeland with the whole family. Building sand castles on the beach during the summer holidays, walking along the Veerse Meer during the autumn holidays and snuggling up by the fireplace during the Christmas holidays. Make the most beautiful memories with the whole family during a holiday by the sea.