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Summer holiday in Zeeland

Finally the summer has arrived! The beautiful weather and leisure are the perfect combination for your holiday in Zeeland. Whether you are looking for an active holiday full of walks and even water sports or just the peace and relaxation, we offer your ideal holiday home. How about a luxury holiday villa, directly on the Veerse Meer? Or just a characteristic farm house within walking distance of the beach? View the offer below!


Summer holiday in Zeeland

Are you looking for a holiday in Zeeland, a holiday home or holiday villa in a holiday park in Zeeland or a last minute? The holiday homes of Ruiterplaat Vakanties are located in the most unique places in Zeeland. This could be for example on holiday parks or bungalow parks in Zeeland, but also detached private houses. The summer holiday is the ideal time to go on holiday with friends or family in Zeeland. On this page you can find the extensive range of holiday homes from Ruiterplaat Vakanties. A long summer vacation is possible, but also weekends in between, last-minutes or a midweek in Zeeland is possible.

Zeeland is the most south-western province of the Netherlands, within short travelling distance of the Belgian Flanders and Antwerp, but also North Brabant, South Holland and the rest of the Netherlands. Spending your summer holiday in Zeeland in a holiday home of Ruiterplaat Vakanties means the relaxation and tranquillity that you are used to, combined with extra personal service and high quality. Our holiday homes have been specially selected so that you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings such as the forests, the Veerse Meer and of course the sea and the beach from your holiday home, villa or bungalow.

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We offer the best and most beautiful holiday homes in Zeeland, within walking distance of the beach, the Veerse Meer or directly by the sea. During the summer holidays you can go for a walk on the beach or visit the picturesque surrounding villages. These villages can often be reached by bicycle, so that you can enjoy the beautiful Zeeland polders and the cute sheep and cows in the meadows along the way.

There is also plenty to do during your summer vacation in Zeeland! A visit to one of the historic cities such as Veere, Middelburg, Domburg and Vlissingen, to relax on a terrace in the sun or actively shopping, are a highlight of your holiday. Zeeland is also known for its top restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh fish and other local delicacies.

Our tips for an unforgettable summer holiday in Zeeland!

✔ Lovely beach days: let yourself be enchanted by the vast beaches of Zeeland. Relax in the sun; take a refreshing dip or how about windsurfing. 

✔ Island hopping on the Veerse Meer: rent a boat and explore the uninhabited islands of the Veerse Meer. Enjoy a relaxing day on the water and stop off on the islets for a walk or a delicious picnic. 

✔ Cycling through the Zeeland landscape: rent a bike and explore the area around your holiday home. Cycle past picturesque villages, through dunes and Zeeland's polders.  

✔ Visit the nicest towns in the area: discover the history of Goes and Middelburg during a city walk; settle down on a terrace for a drink or go shopping at the nice boutiques in town. 

Beach holidays in Zeeland

Zeeland is the perfect destination for a beach holiday. There's a good chance of beautiful weather in Zeeland. The extensive beaches are beautiful, safe and clean. You can take long walks, get a breath of fresh air or sunbath in the warm sunshine in summer. Because Zeeland's coast consists of kilometres of beaches, high dunes and a beautiful sea, you can relax here while the children enjoy themselves for many hours on the beach.

Beach summer holidays Zeeland Netherlands

Unforgettable summer vacation in nature

Rent a holiday home in Zeeland, where you can relax and enjoy the beach and the sea. Zeeland is real. Here we take a step back. Here you can be yourself, you can catch your breath. Noord-Beveland, the smallest island in the province, has always remained itself. The unruly elements form the contours of this unique landscape. The Oosterschelde with its clear water and beaches bordering nature reserves. The quiet kilometers of North Sea beaches and the dynamic water sport paradise of the Veerse Meer. The surrounding towns and villages have their own character. There is always something to discover here. Rent a holiday home in Zeeland that fully meets your needs, both in terms of luxury and comfort as the budget you have available.

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In short: you spend your ideal summer vacation in a holiday home of Ruiterplaat Vakanties. For relaxation and rest or a great active summer vacation you rent your holiday home via Ruiterplaat Vakanties!