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Nature holiday by the sea Zeeland

Nature in Zeeland

Nature reserve De Schotsman

Nature reserve De Schotsman

Bordered by the Veerse Meer on one side and the North Sea on the other, is the vast De Schotsman nature reserve. A beautiful nature reserve with a varied landscape; thicket, woods, wild orchids and the shores of the Veerse Meer. Take an early morning walk here and witness the awakening of the many birds, Scottish Highlanders and deer that live here.

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Oranjezon nature reserve

Walking from land towards the sea, you will encounter forest, scrub and dune grassland. In the seafront, you walk among marram grass and occasionally see the sea between the dunes.

Oranjezon has long been used as a water catchment area: water from elsewhere was brought into the dunes to be filtered through the sand. The purified water was discharged again via water supply channels. The large amount of fresh water caused the dunes to become more overgrown: species such as dune reed and American birdcatcher appeared.

Today, Oranjezon is a beautiful nature reserve, where you can encounter roe deer and fallow deer. The variation in landscape makes it a favourable habitat for many species of plants and animals. Nature restoration projects have helped to bring back species such as brushbush, yellowheart, dwarf sedge, milkweed and dwarf flax.

From Kamperland, it is only a 15-minute drive to this beautiful nature reserve near Vrouwenpolder. Are you staying at park De Banjaard or De Groote Duynen? Then you can even walk to this beautiful area on foot.

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The North Sea

A breath of fresh air by the sea? It is possible on the North Sea beach. Enjoy the sun or take a long walk with your four-legged friend on the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Zeeland. Would you like to relax after a day at the North Sea? You can do so at one of the many beach pavilions or in your own holiday home. Our holiday parks De Banjaard and De Groote Duynen are within walking distance of the North Sea.

Watersports holiday Veerse Meer lake the Netherlands

The Veerse Meer

From your holiday home on Park Ruiterplaat or De Schotsman, the Veerse Meer is just around the corner. Enjoy a walk along the banks of the Veerse Meer or rent a boat and discover the many uninhabited islands of the Veerse Meer. Are you a water sports fan? On the Veerse Meer you can also go canoeing, surfing, SUPPing or water skiing. Check out the possibilities here.

Spot seals at Neeltje Jans North Sea Oosterschelde

The Oosterschelde

The Oosterschelde is not only the largest national park in Zeeland, but also in the Netherlands. Along the Oosterschelde, there are many nature areas to discover during a walk. Would you rather discover the Oosterschelde from the water? Take a boat trip and spot porpoises and seals or go diving in the Oosterschelde and discover the wonderful underwater world with hundreds of animal and plant species.