De Groote Duynen | Luxury designvilla's by the sea

The brand new holiday villas at De Groote Duynen park in Zeeland are within a walking distance (only 500 meters) of the Banjaard beach and the Veerse Meer. The connection with the adjacent nature reserve De Schotsman gives a special dimension to this place. Here you will not find a pretentious hotspot, but a place to completely unwind. Far away from the crowd, located between the North Sea, Oosterschelde National Park and the Veerse Meer, you will experience the ultimate holiday feeling.

De Groote Duynen is a park in development that is being built in phases. The Duinvallei and Waterlijn (4th phase) are still under construction until June 2020. You therefore benefit from reduced rental prices. We try to minimize the inconvenience.


Staying at De Groote Duynen

Below you can see the map of De Groote Duynen including the numbers of the villas that are rented out by Z'ANDvillas. Duinvallei 21 is the 'Guest & owner service point', which will be put into use in mid-2020.

Plattegrond De Groote Duynen
Luchtfoto De Groote Duynen

The surroundings of De Groote Duynen

The sea

It is for many the main reason for a visit to Zeeland and our great pride; the sea. Whether you are looking for a holiday where you can relax and relax and recharge in peace or if you are looking for fun activities, it is possible in Zeeland. A stone's throw from holiday park De Groote Duynen is the Banjaardstrand, a beautiful and typical Zeeland beach which is also annually voted one of the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands. In this region, most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands and Zeeland can also be measured. The accessibility of this beach is also of paramount importance. From wheelchair to pram: the Banjaard beach is accessible to everyone.


The Veerse Meer

In addition, the Veerse Meer (Veerse lake) is within walking distance of De Groote Duynen. On this unique lake there are plenty of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts, such as windsurfing or water skiing, but you can also moor by boat on one of the many uninhabited islands. On these islands you can stand eye to eye with animals such as fallow deer and wild horses. The Veerse Meer is ideal for families with young children, who can safely enjoy the water thanks to the shallow water. Of course you can also moor at one of the characteristic villages on the Veerse Meer, such as Veere, Kortgene or Kamperland and Zeeland in a unique way.


The country

De Groote Duynen is located in the middle of untouched nature. Next to De Groote Duynen you can find nature reserve De Schotsman. In this area you will find dunes and grassland, but also extensive forest areas. These forests are known among bird lovers, but walking you can also come face to face with rabbits, deer and even foxes. In this beautiful area it is also allowed to walk with your dog.

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