Ruiterplaat Vakanties
Wandering holiday Zeeland by the beach


Nature reserve Schotsman

This walk (5.8 km) does not go on comfortable paths, but it does show the most beautiful spots of the Schotsman, such as salt marshes and dunes where Scottish Highlanders graze. Can also be booked with a forest ranger on request.

Nature reserve Oranjezon

This area, with its woods, dunes and beaches, is located between Vrouwenpolder and Oostkapelle. It is a former water winning area and you can still see this by the many water and wells in the area. Now it is mostly a beautiful walking area where you have a chance to see many (semi-) wild animals. The blue walking route is a favourite. The blue route is a favourite and you have a good chance of seeing grazers (horses, cows) and deer. End the day with a visit to Uitspanning Oranjezon. Especially in the summer when you can sit on the terrace, this is a great place to relax while the children enjoy the animals at the petting zoo or have fun on the bouncy castle at the playground.

Walking across the bastions of Middelburg

Middelburg's bastions form a green star along the Vesten, surrounded by trees. A landscaped park with a beautiful walking route. The route leads past two windmills, a Jewish cemetery and the former site of an icehouse. You also pass the inner city harbour with its beautiful warehouses. This used to be the shipyard. The walking route across the bastions of Middelburg is about 6 km long and combines perfectly with a visit to the town of Middelburg.

Guided walking tour in Middelburg

Travel back in time through the alleys of Middelburg during an amusing two-hour tour and discover the secret side of the city... Middelburg is very popular as a historical (VOC) town. However, Middelburg also has an endless number of alleys and a turbulent past, which you will discover for yourself during the tour. Halfway through, the tour is paused for a drink (included).

Walking on the city walls of Veere & forest of Veere

Veere is a small town with city rights. It had a special connection with Scotland. It was once the only place in the Netherlands where Scottish ships moored to trade wool. More information about this Scottish time can be found in the museum De Schotse Huizen. Nowadays, Veere is mainly a tourist town. It is conveniently situated on Veerse Meer and attracts many water sports enthusiasts and day tourists. A walking route has been set out over the city walls of Veere. Highly recommended. And also in the forest of Veere is a walking route to follow (5.7 km). You can make the routes as short or long as you want with the junction map of Walcheren.

Seal spotting at Neeltje Jans 

Get a breath of fresh air on Neeltje Jans, an island halfway up the Oosterscheldekering. All year round, you can take lovely walks in this nature reserve and search for seals. Chances are that the seals are lazing around on the floating mussel pontoons in the bay near the large windmill. Once upon a time, Neeltje Jans was a sandbank in the opening of the Oosterschelde, halfway between Schouwen and Noord-Beveland. For the construction of the storm barrier, the sandbar was raised and transformed into a working island. After the completion of the works in 1986, the elements got a grip on Neeltje Jans. Weather and wind formed a dune landscape that is still held together by marram grass and seabuckthorn. It is one of the most recent nature reserves in Zeeland.

Westhove Castle, Oostkapelle

Blue walking route 

The walk through the Manteling van Walcheren will lead you through lanes lined with lime, beech and oak trees, past ponds and through the dunes. Stroll past the former estates of rich VOC merchants, spot the various species of migratory birds and discover the medieval castle of Westhove. Water features, winding paths and traces of the Second World War. Mysterious meandering paths lead you to the water features. Smell the sweet scent of rhododendrons and other centuries-old ornamental plants. Hear the roar of the waves in the background. Follow the path across the dunes and enjoy the view of the sea. In autumn, the sea buckthorns and brambles are full of berries and the migratory birds migrate along the coast. You might even hear the howling of deer that live in the area. At the end of 1944, there was heavy fighting in the area. Everywhere you look, you can still find traces of the Second World War. Duinvlietweg 8, Oostkapelle