Ruiterplaat Vakanties
Watersport holiday

Sporty on the water

When you think of Zeeland, you think of water. Braving the waves, floating on the force of the wind or catching crabs together from the pier. The possibilities for enjoying the water are endless. Zeeland offers plenty of opportunities for fast and exciting water sports that will give you an adrenaline kick. Kiting, blokarting, surfing, skimboarding and water-skiing. Veerse Meer has been a popular surfing spot for years, but more and more kitesurfers have also discovered Zeeland's waters. If you have no experience, take lessons at one of the many surf schools. Or enjoy this particularly colourful spectacle and relaxed surfing atmosphere from the water's edge. Hoist the sails and sail into freedom from your living room. Hire a sailboat or sloop and explore the uninhabited islands in the Veerse Meer or moor in picturesque Veere. The Veerse Meer is ideal for those less experienced and the North Sea and Oosterschelde offer plenty of opportunities for more experienced water sports enthusiasts. In short, endless water fun!


Stand up paddling 

The beach of Vrouwenpolder is ideal for surfing waves with the SUP. The great advantage of this water sport is its accessibility: everyone can learn it! The Veerse Meer and its creeks are perfect for a nice tour on smooth water. Supping is very healthy as a work-out on smooth water, but is also challenging at sea. T +31 (0) 652470303


Would you like to learn kitesurfing and get your internationally recognised VDWS kitesurfing certificate? Then sign up for kitesurfing lessons at the beach of Vrouwenpolder! As the only kitesurfing school in Zeeland, they offer supervised lessons for those who would like to practice with their own set. Beach Vrouwenpolder +31 (0)6 52470303info@vertigo-sports

Surfschool Veerse Dam

A well-known name in Zeeland since 1984 for water sports activities. The customer-oriented methods ensure quick progression on the water, we are constantly working on improvement. Open from 26 June to 12 September (9:30 -18:30) T+31 (0)6 428 357 47 (Available in the summer months. Outside the summer months only via email


Canoeing at the Veerse Meer

Veerse Meer in Zeeland is a large artificial lake with brackish water, created by the construction of the Veerse Gat dam as part of the Delta works. The Veerse Meer is now mainly a water sports lake, where you can go sailing, surfing and also canoeing. Especially if you sail in the lee of the uninhabited islands or in De Pietkreek. And the nice thing is, you can come face to face with deer and wild horses on the uninhabited islands while canoeing on the Veerse Meer in Zeeland.

Canoeing at De Pietkreek

The Pietkreek is a narrow side arm of the Veerse Meer. Large boats cannot come here, as you have to go underneath a bridge. The creek lies in the lee and there is much less wind here. That's a good thing when it's windy, because canoeing or kayaking on the Veerse Meer can be quite challenging. In De Pietkreek you can paddle to the right along the island if the water is not too low. If you can get through with your kayak, there is a good chance you will be on your own here, as boats other than canoes and SUPs are not allowed.