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Schotsman watersport along the Veerse meer in Zeeland

Schotsman Watersport

The Schotsman | Water sports paradise in the Veerse Meer

Experience the dynamics of the Veerse Meer in this exclusive penthouse and apartment with panoramic views over the Veerse Meer. In the summer months a hip hotspot full of exciting water sport activities. The water sports area includes a water ski course, windsurf school, surf shop and trendy restaurant Beau4. In the wooded area and the adjacent nature reserve you can endlessly walk and spot deer. In the winter months the dynamics give way to a soothing rest with an unprecedented view.

Penthouse XL Schotsman Watersport

Above the Schotsman Water Sports Center is the Penthouse XL from Ruiterplaat Vakanties. This penthouse accommodates 12 guests, divided into two apartments. The apartments are connected to each other through a connecting door. The entire penthouse has 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, an infrared sauna, a panoramic terrace with views over the Veerse Meer and a private jetty. The apartments are also rented separately.

Water sports at the Veerse Meer

The fanatic water sportsman feels like a fish in the water in Zeeland. With the North Sea, the Veerse Meer and the Oosterschelde nearby, there is always room for a day on the water. The Veerse Meer in particular is popular with water sports enthusiasts; water skiing, canoeing, SUP, kayaking, sailing or surfing, the possibilities are endless here! Do you prefer to enjoy the beauty of the Veerse Meer from a distance? Take a seat on one of the many lawns or sail by boat to one of the countless islands for a wonderful picnic.

Schotsman Watersport Kamperland

For a day of water sports on the Veerse Meer you should go to Schotsman Watersportcentrum in Kamperland. Schotsman Watersportcentrum consists of two water ski cable cars, an aqua park (this is a playground in the water) and a cozy restaurant. Along the shore is a vast lawn where you can play beach volleyball or just relax in the sun. Even the little ones can play undisturbed here. Afterwards you can enjoy lunch or dinner on the terrace of restaurant Beau4, with a breathtaking view over the Veerse Meer. Schotsman Watersportcentrum is easy to reach and has ample free parking space directly behind the complex. Did you know that you can also enjoy mountain biking and hiking in this area? Can you also use this parking space as the start and end point of a great walking or cycling route along the Veerse Meer? Your dog is also very welcome here!

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