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Our review policy

Your review is very important to us. On our website, you will only find reviews from guests who have stayed with us.

We post almost all reviews, but there are some exceptions:

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Fake reviews

Ruiterplaat Vakanties uses a closed loop system. This means that only our guests can submit a review. The evaluation form is sent to you by e-mail after your stay at Ruiterplaat Vakanties. It is not possible to write a review via our website.


The reviews are presented from new to old. In this way, you can always read the most recent holiday experiences.

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The average score of our reviews is calculated from all the reviews shown on our website.

Paid reviews

All reviews are submitted voluntarily by our guests. Ruiterplaat Vakanties does not offer any financial reward for posting reviews.

Questions or comments?

Did you ask a question in your review, or did you give feedback about your holiday in Zeeland. Then we will contact you.