Wendy, Martje, Jeanine, Marloes, Thomas and Jaimie

Are pleased by telephone or e-mail to answer, if you have a question about your reservation or accommodation. They process all reservations and be your first point of contact during your stay.


Has been nearly 25 years a familiar face for our patrons and owners. She carries with precision care for the whole financial processing of reservations and statements.


Develops and implements all (online) marketing. In addition, it engages in innovation and monitors the quality of our service offering.


Is responsible for all (online) marketing activities and communication within Ruiterplaat Vakanties. Joanne committed to Ruiterplaat Vakanties to make a strong and recognizable brand.


Administer the property and is the first point to failures and / or malfunctions.

Magdalena and cleaning Team

Our cleaning team consists of 30 staff members and our supervisor Magdalena, who take care of the cleaning of our holiday homes with great enthusiasm and pleasure. Every Monday and Friday they set out to prepare the homes for the new guests. They provide the ultimate feeling of coming home to your holiday home.