Ruiterplaat Vakanties
In home cooking

In-home cooking Ruiterplaat Vakanties

In-home cooking Ruiterplaat Vakanties 

Imagine this. After a long walk along the beach, you and your family or friends will return to your holiday home, the gas fireplace is already burning and a delicious aperitif with snacks is waiting for you. A private cook in the kitchen is busy preparing a delicious dinner. All you have to do is enjoy a good glass of wine and taste the goodies that are served for you. That sounds perfect, doesn't it?

In-home cooking

From an intimate dinner for two to an elaborate dinner for the whole family, everything is possible. The chef brings everything and you are completely relieved. The choice of cuisines and arrangements is endless; from Japanese to classic French cuisine or BBQ; the chef will be happy to create a tailor-made menu for you.  



The price for your lunch or dinner is on request. A menu will be composed for you in consultation, after which you will receive an offer.