Holiday tips Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer is always within reach from your holiday home in Zeeland. In the summer months it is bustling with water sports enthusiasts, and in the low season you can really unwind here. We are happy to share our tips for a great holiday at the Veerse Meer.

Island hopping on the Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer is about 22 kilometres long and there are 13 islands. Who knows, you might even spot wild animals such as fallow deer or konik horses. Hire a sloop or sailing boat and start exploring. Island hopping is the ultimate way to discover the Veerse Meer. Tip: take a well-filled picnic basket with you.

Active on the water

Visit Kanoa for an active day on the Veerse Meer. Follow a supping clinic and learn all the techniques to then discover the most beautiful spots. Hire a canoe and explore the many islands or take part in a guided canoe safari and discover the Veerse Meer. There are many more water sport activities available.

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Dining at the Veerse Meer

Afterglow of a day on the water or on the banks of the Veerse Meer. Dining with a view over the Veerse Meer is the perfect way to end the day. Our favourites are:

Restaurant Beau4

After an active day at Schotsman Watersports Centre, you can enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner here | 

Gasterij Rubens

If you are staying in one of the appartments of the Veerse Muze, then this restaurant is close by | 

Fine Veere

The perfect location for a delicious dinner after a visit to the picturesque town of Veere |

Spending the night on the Veerse Meer

Looking for a special place to stay on the Veerse Meer? That is possible too. Ruiterplaat Vakanties offers unique water lodges located in the bustling harbour of Kamperland. Dive into the Veerse Meer or enjoy breakfast in the sunshine. Then experience the Veerse Meer from the water, or take a cycling or walking tour along the banks.