Ruiterplaat Vakanties

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In Zeeland, the hustle and bustle of everyday life is blown away as soon as you drive in. It is a feeling of freedom, enhanced by the salty sea breeze and the knowledge that you don't have to do anything for a while. This is where you can unwind your thoughts.

Noord-Beveland is the smallest island in the province of Zeeland and has always stayed true to itself. The island feeling with old standards and values is still almost tangible here. Discover the authentic villages and enjoy the panoramic views of the robust polder landscape. Here, the natural light has a free hand and makes every season, every day, every minute different.

The water is always nearby. The North Sea with its wide beaches where you can walk for hours and find a quiet spot even in summer. The Oosterschelde with idyllic beaches where you can spot seals. Or the dynamic Veerse Meer Lake with all its water sports. Just a good hour's drive from the Randstad, 45 minutes from Antwerp and 2 hours from the German region of Ruhr, you will find this special place to unwind. We welcome you to Zeeland!


Banjaard beach

Walking along the mile-long tide line. Windblown hair and feet in the sand - barefoot or in wellies. Dream away to the sound of the waves and the famous Zeeland light on the horizon. Here, nature is still pure and vast. The air is salty and clear, just like the sea. With by far the most hours of sunshine in the country, this is a great place for beach lovers. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to enjoy the sun or want to get a breath of fresh air with your dog, the possibilities are endless. The largest and best-known beach is the Banjaard on the North Sea. It is lovely and wide with plenty of room to get a breath of fresh air. Even in the busier summer months you will always find a quiet spot here. The Banjaard beach has been one of the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands for years.

Beach Zeeland
Holiday house Banjaard Beach Zeeland

The Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer lies in the heart of Zeeland. Once a turbulent estuary, now a water sports paradise for surfers, canoeists, sailors, water skiers, divers and fishermen. Discover the idyllic islands on the Veerse Meer. You will find seventeen little pieces of land, twelve of which you are allowed to visit. The birds have their own islands, where they can rest, eat and breed. Middelplaten nature reserve consists of several uninhabited islands in the Veerse Meer. It is an important nesting place for birds and it is home to some sturdy 'wild' horses. In autumn, the plates turn red with samphire. The island is not generally accessible, you can only get there with a special excursion by Nature Monuments.


Nature reserve De Schotsman

A nature reserve formed by wind and water, in times when low and high tides still had free play. A breathtaking landscape of vast grasslands with wild orchids, interspersed with woods, thickets and the Veerse Meer Lake. Every season has its charm and invites you to explore. Take a morning walk with mist over the grasslands and watching the birds, deer and Scottish Highlanders awaken. Discover nature at its best!


Oosterschelde National Park

Along the Oosterschelde you will find small idyllic beaches. The largest near Roompot Beach Resort, the rest often more hidden and beautiful to discover during a walk. Looking down from the dikes flanking the water, you have a wide view over the beautiful nature area on the banks of National Park De Oosterschelde, where you can spot many water birds, but also seals and porpoises. The Oosterschelde also has a wonderful underwater world with hundreds of animal and plant species that you can discover during a dive.