Ruiterplaat Vakanties
Veere vakantie Zeeland

Day trip


A monumental city with many historical buildings. The capital of Zeeland has a rich history, which is still reflected in the present-day street scene. The many events, shops and restaurants make it a vibrant city.

Tips for a day trip to Middelburg;
  • Huis van Bloemen; the prettiest shop of Middelburg;
  • De Drukkery; the bookstore everyone loves;
  • Fromagerie Forianne; for at home or on location;
  • Abbey Lange Jan Town hall Zeeuws Museum;
  • Lunch at ‘de Vriendschap’;
  • Yoghurt ice cream or a sandwich at ‘St. John’ in the Sint Janstraat;
  • Cake from ‘De Juf’ at Damplein;
  • Fish specialties at ‘Basalt’ in the Sint Janstraat;


The once so mighty Veere is now a beautiful tourist town near the Veerse Meer. Where once the generously loaded ships from Scotland were moored, luxury yachts now moor in the harbour.

Tips for a day trip to Veere;
  • Oma’s Snoepwinkel; back in the day;
  • Malle Jantje; home accessories;
  • Saartje; kitchenware and wooden toys;
  • Campveerse Toren;
  • Grote Kerk Museum;
  • The Scottish Houses & Town Hall;
  • De Werf, terrace for lunch, dinner or a drink;
  • Cappello Giallo, ice cream champion;
  • Italian atmosphere at ‘1611’;


Goes, or Hoes Hanzestad, is located centrally on Zuid-Beveland. It is a diverse city with many shops, terraces and monuments. The city has always had an important role in the agricultural sector. There are plenty of shopping opportunities here!

Tips for a day trip to Goes;
  • Delscher mode, for women;
  • Rico Moda, for men;
  • ‘t Hummeltje, for kids;
  • City harbour with monumental warehouses and private houses;
  • Grote Kerk;
  • Steam railway Goes - Borsele;
  • History and homebrewed beer at Slot Oostende;
  • Enjoy a drink on the terrace at Katoen, 32 Eten & Drinken of Le Jardin;
  • Dine at Codium & de Kluizenaar;
  • Eat an ice cream at De IJswinckel;


The port city of Zierikzee has a rich history and more than 500 monuments in and around the city. As early as the beginning of the 15th century, Zierikzee had an interesting appearance with walls, gates, churches, towers and mills. Many of these can still be seen today.

Tips for a day trip to Zierikzee;
  • De Zierikzeesche Zeepfabriek; the cutest shop;
  • In’t azijnvat; trinkets and gadgets;
  • Raf’s; Brocante shopping and good coffee;
  • Nobelpoort Dikke Toren Town hall museum;
  • Le Bistrôt, classic French cosiness at the Oude Haven;
  • Enjoy a drink at ‘de Gekroonde Suikerbiet’, best bar in the Netherlands;
  • Eat an ice cream at Capri, in the city centre;