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Culinary holiday restaurant Zeeland

Culinary delights


Are you curious about the wonderful world of wild seaweeds? Then join the introductory excursion 'Seaweed Walk'. At low tide, you will learn what seaweeds are, what differences there are, how and where they live. This journey of discovery into the forgotten 'plants' of the sea is completed with a vegetarian Wild Seaweed sushi.
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Taste safari

Did you know that seaweed on your plate is extremely healthy, but do you think it is a step too far? Then join a taste safari! This workshop is especially designed for those who want to do more than just see seaweed: this is about touching, tasting and cooking with seaweed. The taste safari is a unique way to step over the threshold and discover how you get seaweed on your plate. This safari will take you to the wild growths of the North Sea, where you will be taught the basics of seaweed with boots and a dose of curiosity. It will be one big 'tasting trip' that will be concluded with a lunch buffet at sea, made by all-of-us. For groups and teams of up to 10 people (on request)
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Oyster experience

Collecting and tasting oysters yourself along the banks of the Oosterschelde estuary, under the professional guidance of Ko the Oysterman. During this exclusive expedition, you will experience Zeeland's nature in its purest form. While you are walking along the water's edge and collecting oysters, Ko will tell you about the water plants and other animals you will discover, including cockles, periwinkles and mussels. Crabs crawl left and right across the mud. It is full of large and small shells. They are all little houses, about which Ko tells us which animals used to live there.

What do you need? (necessary)
A pair of solid boots or safety shoes
Work gloves
A 10 litre bucket

You can sign up for Sundays. All other dates and times are on request and depend on factors such as water levels and weather conditions.
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Wine farm de Kleine Schorre

Wine farm De Kleine Schorre is located in the typical ring shaped village of Dreischor on the island of Schouwen-Duivenland. With its authentic black tarred barn from 1735 it is one of the oldest barns in Dreischor. The vineyard has expanded to 12 ha and is therefore one of the largest vineyards in the Netherlands.
Zuiddijk 4, 4315 PA Dreischor - T +31 (0)111 – 40 15 50

Guided tour & wine tasting

Have you always been interested in learning more about the growing process of the grape, the process of bottling the wine or do you just want to taste some delicious wine? At Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre you can ask all your questions about wines and, of course, try them extensively. There are many possibilities, all year round from 10 persons. In the summer season there are now also tours on fixed days for individuals! Visit the sunny terrace and enjoy the delights that Zeeland has to offer.
Zuiddijk 4, 4315 PA Dreischor T +31 (0)111 – 40 15 50