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Park Ruiterplaat, Tranquility and space

Surrounded by nature and beautiful shores. A water sports paradise for surfers, sailors, water skiers, wakeboarders and fishermen. The detached homes are on spacious plots in dead end lanes. Together with the rolling bottom and friendly character of the lake this is also a great spot for the little ones. Within a short distance you will find the facilities of RCN camping Schotsman, such as a restaurant, surf school and small supermarket.

20 found accommodations
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Categorie E

Iepenlaan 11

A tastefully holiday bungalow for 6 people, is comfortably furnished and located on the park "Ruiterplaat". The bungalow has 3 bedrooms and a spacious garden. Your pet is welcome!

Categorie L

Ahornenlaan 2

Luxurious holiday villa for 6-persons, located on the first row at the Veerse Meer, with an endless view over the water. Very luxurious and comfortably furnished and fully equipped.

Categorie I

Cederlaan 8

Modern 8-persons holiday home, situated on an unique location on the Veerse Meer. Comfortably furnished with a panoramic view over the water from the seating area.

Categorie I

Iepenlaan 21

Detached 6-persons holiday bungalow, situated on a spacious enclosed plot in park Ruiterplaat. Fully renovated and comfortably furnished. Your pet is welcome!

Categorie H

Cypressenlaan 18

Detached holiday home for 6-persons, close to the Veerse Meer. The holiday home is comfortably furnished, has a spacious garden with a lot of privacy and your pet is more than welcome

Categorie F

Eikenlaan 16

A tastefully decorated 6-persons holiday bungalow in park Ruiterplaat. Quiet location in an oasis of green, with a closed garden and a lot of privacy. Your pet is more than welcome. 

Categorie E

Iepenlaan 6

Detached 6-persons holiday bungalow, surrouned by peace, space and green. There are 3 bedrooms, spacious enclosed garden and your pet is more than welcome!

Categorie D

Ahornenlaan 8

Detached 6-person bungalow. Atmospheric furnished, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a spacious green garden. This bungalow is pet-free.

Categorie E

Iepenlaan 3

Detached holiday bungalow for 5 people, is comfortably furnished andlocated on the park "Ruiterplaat". The house has 3 bedrooms and a spacious garden. Your pet is welcome!

Categorie I

Wilgenlaan 15

Detached 6-person holiday bungalow, located in the green and a few steps away from the Veerse Meer. Your pet is welcome!

Categorie H

Populierenlaan 1

Luxurious holiday bungalow for 5- persons. The bungalow is equipped with 2 bedrooms, luxurious kitchen and a garden with lots of privacy. This bungalow is pet-free.

Categorie I

Eikenlaan 18

Renovated detached bungalow for 6-persons within walking distance of the Veerse Meer. The house is comfortably furnished and has a fully enclosed garden. Perfectly for your childeren or the dog!

Categorie F

Eikenlaan 17

Modern furnished holiday home for 6 persons, located on a quiet location in the park Ruiterplaat. The house has 3 bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a spacious garden. The house is pet-free.

Categorie E

Berkenlaan 6

A detached holiday bungalow for 5-persons surrounded by green in the park Ruiterplaat. The bungalow has 3 bedrooms and a spacious garden with lots of privacy. This bungalow is pet-free.

Categorie F

Kastanjelaan 12

Detached 6-person holiday home in the direct proximity to the Veerse Meer. The holiday home is tastefull furnished, quiet location and has a spacious garden. Your pet is welcome!

Categorie I

Wilgenlaan 1

Spacious, detached holiday home for 7-persons, located in the middle of the green park Ruiterplaat, close to the Veerse Meer. Comfortably furnished, spacious sheltered garden and your pet is welcome.

Categorie E

Lindenlaan 2

Detached holiday bungalow for 4 persons, surrounded by peace and space. The bungalow has 2 bedrooms, spacious garden and a comfortably equipped kitchen. Your pet is welcome upon request. 

Categorie D

Olmenlaan 4

Detached 5-person holiday bungalow, hidden in the green of the park "Ruiterplaat". Comfortably furnished, only a few steps away from the Veerse Meer. Your pet is more than welcome in this bungalow.

Categorie E

Eikenlaan 2

Detached bungalow for 6 persons, within walking distance of the Veerse meer. The bungalow has 3 bedrooms, a comfortable kitchen and a spacious garden. The bungalow is pet-free.

Categorie E

Eikenlaan 4

Detached 6-person bungalow on the shores of the Veerse Meer. The bungalow had 4 bedrooms, a neat bathroom and a spacious garden. Your dog is more than welcome!