Man's best friend and vacation: Ruiterplaat Vakanties

On holiday with the dog? Here are some tips!

Your dog is also part of your family. It goes without saying that you also want to take your four-legged friend on holiday. By taking your dog with you instead of leaving it at home, you can avoid the stress of a kennel, leaving your dog at home alone or to be cared for by a stranger. Just like you, your dog gets the chance to gain new experiences, see new things and of course discover new scents! Because you have a lot of free time on vacation, your pet also gets some extra attention, for which your dog is very grateful. But what should you pay attention to when you are on holiday with your four-legged friend?


With the dog on holiday in Noord-Beveland

The holiday homes of Ruiterplaat Vakanties are located on Noord-Beveland. On holiday with your dog on the island of Noord-Beveland in Zeeland means endless beaches and beautiful nature for walks.


Will you soon be on holiday with your dog on the island of Noord-Beveland? Then read our tips!



The North Sea beach on the Banjaard and Vrouwenpolder in Zeeland is very dog ​​friendly. Dogs are also welcome during the day on all beaches. Your four-legged friend may rund around without a leash the whole day on the beach between the 15th of September and the 1st of May. After the 1st of May dogs are prohibited from the beach near Vrouwenpolder during the bathing season during the day. Dogs are allowed on the beach, but during the daytime dogs have to be on a leash during the bathing season. Always pay attention to the information boards at the beaches.


Beach pavilions

At the beach pavilions on the North Sea beach your dog is very welcome. At the cozy and spacious beach pavilion Dam, you can sit outside and water for your four-legged friend is present.


Nature areas

The nature reserves on Noord-Beveland are ideal for peaceful walks with your four-legged friend. Your dog is also welcome here, if kept on a leash. The nature reserve Veerse Meer on Noord-Beveland includes the areas Aalvanger, De Piet, Goudplaat, Herringvreter, Middelplaten, Oranjeplaat, Schelphoek, Schotsman and Zilveren Schor.

There are also deer, rabbits and perhaps also foxes in the area. Note that the grazing areas are forbidden for dogs. And always pay attention to the information boards at the entrance to the nature reserve!


National Park the Oosterschelde

The Oosterschelde is the largest and wettest national park in the Netherlands. It is a world of tides, wind and especially water, lots of water. There is always something to see and experience; without a fence and without a ticket. Many inland dike areas are accessible with dogs on a leash and in a few of the areas the dogs can walk around freely. However, there are areas where you are not allowed to bring your four-legged friend. For example, the tidal swallows are an indispensable roadside restaurant for many birds. To give them enough time to eat, we leave them alone and do not walk here.




If you have to leave your bed earlier to walk your dog, why not make a fun activity out of it! It is wonderful to be on the beach before there are bathers. You will probably meet some other owners with the same idea, so that your dog suddenly has some playmates!


Veterinarians in the neighborhood:

Veere: Adrian Tak

Kortgene: Veterinary practice Midden-Zeeland

Oostkapelle: Veterinary practice Walcheren

Burgh-Haamstede: Sterkliniek Veterinary practice in Schouwen-Duiveland


Pet shops:

Serooskerke: Meulenberg Animal Feed

Middelburg: Pets place and Pets & Co

There are often stalls for pets on the weekly markets. Of course you can pick out something fun for yourself as well!

Make the stay as comfortable as possible

It varies enormously per dog, but change produces stress. When you go on holiday with your dog, it is also important to bring something familiar. Think of a blanket with his or her scent and of course its own basket with pillow. Do not leave your pet alone in your holiday home too long. It is also vacation for him or her, so involve your pet in your activities. Take certain toys with you, so your dog also has something fun to do on vacation.


It is also important to delouse and deworm your dog before and after the holiday. This way you can prevent bringing any nasty creatures to your holiday destination, but also back to your home! Speaking of health: check your little friend on ticks every day.

Your dog and car sickness

Especially young dogs can suffer from car sickness. This is because, as with humans, in puppies and young dogs the inner ears are not yet fully developed. This causes discomfort and nausea in your pet. Stress enhances this effect, which may be the reason your pet is more often car sick during a ride to the vet than to a forest, the beach or another outlet. You can recognize motion sickness by yawning, whining, restlessness, excessive drooling and of course vomiting.


You can combat motion sickness in your pet by making sure he or she is as relaxed as possible. It can also help if the dog can look outside through the front windshield instead of a side window. By lowering the windows a little, your dog gets fresh air and the car remains cool, but you also ensure that the inside and outside air pressure remain the same, which can have a positive effect on motion sickness.


Also make sure that your dog does not eat too much before traveling. Giving a small sweet candy can, however, relieve the feeling of nausea. Pay attention! No sweets with xylitol (sweetener) or chocolate! Finally, it is important to take regular breaks and let your dog out of the car.

Your dog and car sickness