Holidays in Zeeland: Veerse Meer (Lake)

Holidays in Zeeland: Veerse Meer (lake)

Zeeland is known among tourists for its versatility. Every year more than 10 million overnight stays take place, a number that continues to rise every year. Not bad for a province with only 380,000 inhabitants!

Veerse Meer (lake)

Zeeland is a popular holiday destination for people who are looking for adventure and sports activities, but also for people who are looking for relaxation and tranquility. This is especially true on and around the Veerse Meer. This artificial lake is surrounded by picturesque Zeeland villages where you can stroll around and enjoy the beautiful shops.

Veerse Meer (lake)

Water fanatic

In addition, the Veerse Meer offers everything a water fan would wish for. The Veerse Meer is ideal for windsurfers, rowers, swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts. Or how about renting a boat and sailing to one of the many uninhabited islands on the lake? Here you have the chance to be face to face with animals such as wild ponies, deer or even foxes!

Banjaard beach

The Veerse Meer is also ideal for families with young children. Because of the shallow waterfront it is also possible for the little ones to romp in the water. And do you fancy a beach day? Banjaard beach is a stone's throw away from the Veerse Meer. This North Sea beach is known as one of the cleanest beaches of not only Zeeland, but of the Netherlands as a whole. The beach is also perfectly accessible for the disabled: the walkway over the dunes has been specially designed for this purpose.

Ruiterplaat Vakanties

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